7 tips for getting set up in a new city

Moving to a new destination on a regular basis can be disruptive. Make it as easy as possible with these tips.

Is this not the same as booking for a holiday?!

Do your research in advance.

Don't rely on working everything out when you arrive. If you are planning on going to a coworking space or a gym, make your decisions beforehand.

If looking for social connections, reach before you arrive.

If you want to develop a network in a city, put out a message prior to your arrival and try and get something set up for when you arrive. There's likely to be numerous others wanting to meet others with similar interests.

Get data immediately.

You'll need data from the second you get off the plane until the minute you leave. Most airports will offer some form of SIM on arrival or check an eSIM provider like Airalo.

Gain your bearings quickly.

One of the first things I will do when visiting any new city is do a large run to work out how everything fits together. So many things click into place once you get a feel for how a location is laid out and you can quickly feel acclimatised with that added degree of familiarity.

Make getting set up for work your priority.

It's likely to be of little interest to whoever is paying you that you have embarked on a change of location to work from. Treat work as a priority and make sure there is no disruption to your normal output. As a people manager myself, it's evidently clear when someone might be taking affordances in their remote working. If you plan on doing it long term, don't give anyone the opportunity to think that you may be less productive.

Try and get everything sorted in 24 hours.

Even if it means rushing around like a madman for the first day, get set up and into a normal rhythm as soon as possible. Sign up to a gym, coworking space, buy adaptor plugs, groceries - whatever you need to be functioning as normal.

Keep up your exercise routine.

Just because you are in a new destination it doesn't mean you should stop your usual regular work outs. Losing track of those normal daily rhythms is one the fastest ways of becoming unproductive and disconnected from your normal life.